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We clean all porcelain and ceramic tile with sanded grout lines. Your grout lines are porous and collect dry soils which dirty up your grout lines. The only way to really have your tile cleaned is to have it professionally cleaned. At Xtreme Clean Pro we use a 3 step process focusing not only on your tile but  pay special attention to those tough to clean grout lines.

  1. We spray an alkaline based cleaner to your tile and grout which helps loosen the dry soils.
  2. We let the alkaline dwell for up to 15 minutes and scrub your tile and grout lines with a special brush. This helps to loosen those dry soils even more.
  3. We clean with high pressures (between 600 psi to 1200 psi) and properly extract all those dry soils giving your tile that clean look again.  

If you choose we can also seal those grout lines to keep them looking good.


We recommend getting the clear seal applied to your grout lines. It's much like carpet protector for carpet, only for your grout lines.

We highly recommend you getting your tile professionally cleaned and clear sealed at least once a year. Clear seal is a wear dated product just like carpet protector.